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Dear Readers,

The Signs of fall are around us-pumpkin spice everything has hit the store shelves, holiday decorations are beginning to pop up everywhere, and mother nature is preparing for a brief hibernation starting with the changing of the leaves. As the time for us to prepare to say goodbye to another spectacular year draws nearer, we begin to refl ect on the year to come. We make plans for life changes, to try something new and daring, or simply to improve upon our current selves.

In doing introspection, this issue will come in handy as it explores the importance of Breast Cancer Awareness for our family and friends. My personal journey, as a breast cancer survivor continues. I have met so many beautiful people who are cancer survivors or going through treatment. Having a cancer diagnosis is diffi cult. Finding help shouldn’t be. Emotional support programs connect newly diagnosed cancer patients with cancer survivors. Read this issue to fi nd more out about local and regional businesses, professionals and nonprofi t groups who off er support and treatment. Learn about opportunities for all of us to better understand and survive cancer. The fi ght becomes in motion when we become empowered from within. Self-care is so important through treatment and beyond and everyone will have their unique journey.

Apart from your physical well-being, you will fi nd wonderful opportunities to spend time with family and friends through the various Fall activities in the area.

In health and happiness,

Linda Hunsicker and Celeste Kline, Publishers



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